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    vlogo Vietnamese martial art that blends soft and hard physical moves with a philosophy of giving
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Việt Võ Đạo is a Vietnamese Martial Art that offers health benefits for participants of all ages and teaches students initiative, focus, and discipline.

Preserve and develop

the martial arts of Vietnam, applying the “Hard-Soft Co development”

Research and Innovate

new martial arts’ techniques to improve VOVINAM: Việt Võ Đạo technical resources

Train Disciples

on the Strength, Techniques and Philosophy

STRENGTH: Vovinam Viet Vo Dao will train disciples to have a solid body and strong endurance against obstacles and diseases.

TECHNIQUES: Vovinam Viet Vo Dao will train disciples to have practical techniques for self-defense and just causes.

PHILOSOPHY: Vovinam Viet Vo Dao will train disciples to have a rational mind, an invincible will, and a gallant character.
Disciples will be living in a self-disciplined and forgiving way and become model citizens and serve oneself, one’s family, one’s state and mankind.




Vovinam Viet Vo Dao follow five beliefs:
  • 1All the functions of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao are based on an established foundation: take Mankind as the end, take Characters as the goals and take Invincible Will as the means.
  • 2Vovinam Viet Vo Dao is an extended family, in which disciples love and respect one another. The respect and love will be the discipline of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, which will help the disciples to unite and honor the uprightness of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, serving mankind.
  • 3Vovinam Viet Vo Dao actively participates in the education of young men and women.
  • 4Vovinam Viet Vo Dao is independent of political and religious influence.
  • 5Vovinam Viet Vo Dao always respect other disciplines of martial arts.


There are three essential objectives:
  • Live: With all the fiery and full capacity of minde and body, one must always try to improve or to perfect one’s self on three inseparate aspects – healthy body, sharp intellect and honorable spirit – thus enable the individual to be beneficial to his/her family and society.
  • Help others to live: One does not use his/her advantages to bully or to rob others of their livelihoods or their rights to life, justice and the pursuit of happiness. One must respect, assist, share or create opportunities for others to achieve and to advance to the same level of comfort and happiness whenever possible.
  • Live for others: This is also the highest objective; it asks the disciple to give up certain spiritual and physical benefits – even risking his/her life – for others if deemed necessary; because our lives are connected with the lives of others, our successes and achievements are often due to others’ assistance and supports…therefore, at times, we must give up ourselves to help others in the time of needs.

TEN Fundamental Principles

  • 1Achieve the highest level of art to serve the nation and humanity
  • 2Being faithful to the ideal of Vovinam: Viet Vo Dao and be devoted to his cause
  • 3Always be united, respect the Masters and seniors, loving companions
  • 4Strictly observe discipline, placing homer above all
  • 5Respect others and Arts. Use the Vovinam in case of legitimate defense
  • 6Cultivating knowledge, forge the Spirit, progress towards
  • 7Live with honesty, simplicity, fidelity, and nobility of spirit
  • 8Develop a will of steel, overcome difficulties
  • 9Being lucid, persistent, and active
  • 10To be a master of himself,
    be modest, respectful, tolerant, and forward by judging yourself
  • Salute
  • The Ranking
  • Anthem


The most common explanation is that Cuong means hard and Nhu means soft. In martial arts teachings, the styles that favour Cuong often have strong and tough discipline, using external strength as its base, often very stern and direct in its dealing in life. The styles that favour Nhu often have yielding and adapt quickly to changes. In the observation of the bamboo of Vietnam, the hard, soft, durable and sharp elements equally interconnected to become one form. The bamboo is then said to be the truest essence of the Vietnamese people. Through that observation, after thorough research from many martial arts disciplines throughout the world and within national boundary, Late Founding Master Nguyen Loc utilised the principle of “Hard Soft Co-development” as the basic foundation and essence of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao. Hard-Soft Co-development is not simply a mix of both characteristics but an ever changing and adaptation in endless shapes and forms depending the environment and situation.


The meaning of VOVINAM’s Salute

A salute is a way in which friendly people greet one another using a gesture. Each society has its own unique way of doing this. In the martial arts community, there are many ways for martial artists of various styles to greet and/or pay respect to each other and their instructors.

Vovinam’s salute : the right hand symbolises an individual’s strength or power and his/her ability to utilise that strength and power. By yielding such strength or power to the heart, the student recognises and reminds him/herself that he/she must always apply strength and power with loving intention, with humility and kindness. It is vitally important for Vovinam’s disciples of all ranks to always remember and apply the essence of
the Vovinam’s salute in his/her everyday life activity. By doing so, he/she will gain and develop friendships and respects from others, thus creating crucial and positive environment that fosters teamwork and success.


Blue Belt

Represents the color of Hope. This rank signifies the hope that a new Vovinam disciple will further discover, study and succeed in the art of Vovinam.


Yellow (Black) Belt

Represents the color of the Earth. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has become an unbreakable part of Vovinam disciple’s body.


Red Belt

Represents the color of Fire. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has become a guilding torch for the Vovinam disciple.


White Belt

Represents the color of Purity. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has reached its highest standard – the Patriarch of Vovinam.


Vovinam, môn phái võ đạo sáng tạo do người Việt Nam.

Vovinam đây nguồn sống anh dũng, bất khuất của cháu con Lạc Hồng.

Vovinam nơi rèn đúc thanh niên thành người hữu ích hiên ngang.

Vovinam truyền vào tâm tư thanh niên: một niềm tin lên hương, một tình thương bao la, một hoài bão cao xa.

Quyết vì đất nước nêu cao gương hy sinh

Điểm tô non sông uy linh huy hoàng dưới ánh bình minh.

Với bàn tay thép, với trái tim từ ái

Người môn sinh Vovinam đấu tranh cho công bình bác ái

Xoa dịu vết thương đau cho mọi người.

Với bàn tay thép, với trái tim từ ái

Người môn sinh Vovinam phát huy tinh hoa đời sống mới

Tô đậm trang sử mới cho Việt Nam.

Vovinam, Vovinam…trùm không gian, vượt thời gian

Vovinam, Vovinam….Vovinam.


Vovinam, a martial arts discipline created by Vietnamese people.

Vovinam is a way of life that fosters the courage and indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people.

Vovinam is where youth is tempered to be beneficial to society.

Vovinam instills in the mind of youth: positive belief, compassion and noble cause…to enable one to enhance his/her nation and humanity.

With the steel hand and compassion heart, a Vovinam disciple will fight for justice and heal the wounds of others;

With the steel hand and compassionate heart, a Vovinam disciple will champion social progress and write a bright chapter of history…

Vovinam, Vovinam – covering space passing time –

Vovinam, Vovinam, Vovinam.