Welcome to Vovinam in Dallas Fort Worth



What is Vovinam?

is a Vietnamese form of Martial Arts founded by Master Nguyen Loc. Vovinam utilizes the best techniques of Ancient Vietnamese Martial Arts and Wrestling. Vovinam is not only a practically efficient form of martial arts but also a philosophy of life in Vietnamese culture.

VOVINAM is different than other Martial Arts Schools. The late Head Master and Founder Nguyen Loc had advanced a new theory, which is based upon Mental and Physical Revolutionism, that VOVINAM trains the students in both mentality and martial arts.

Mentality - "An Art of Living and a Philosophy of Life". An Art of Living is to use the firm hand to crush any selfishness and cowardice in oneself and the Philosophy of Life is to Live, Let Live and Live for Others. Achieving the two objectives above, then we can find ourselves worth of living.

Martialism - "Hard and Soft" combination is the basic principle of VOVINAM. Thus, it fits all ages, gender, and physical stature. It is easily applied and really practical to daily life.

VOVINAM trains students to become more self-righteous and well-rounded human beings in the Technological and Materialistic world. It encourages the students to involve in the society, at the same time, be able to maintain their integrity